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Interaction design meets data visualization

Hi, I'm a freelance interaction designer and data visualization designer from Berlin. I create data-driven products that communicate ideas and help to make decisions.

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Datavis Projects

  • Dataviz / Interaction Design
    Wahl 2Q17 - Datavisualization about the German election

    Wahl 2Q17

    Wahl 2Q17 uses Google Trends data to visualize the Google Search interest of the top candidates in the German general election 2017.

  • Dataviz / Interaction Design
    Peak Spotting - Data visualization for Deutsche Bahn


    Peak Spotting provides yield and capacity managers with rich visual tools to identify potential bottlenecks early on and to react on it.

    • Cooperation with

      Moritz Stefaner and Studio NAND (Stephan Thiel, Gabriel Credico, Lennart Hildebrandt)

    • Role


    • Client

      Deutsche Bahn AG

  • Dataviz / Interaction Design
    Social Inclusion Monitor Europe data visualization for Bertelsmann

    Social Inclusion Monitor Europe

    Data visualization about the current state of social justice and regarding reforms in the EU. Explore the Website

    • Cooperation with

      Pierre La Baume and Flavio Gortana at Ming Labs

    • Role

      Designer and Data visualization

    • Client

      Bertelsmann Stiftung

  • Critical Design / Dataviz - A fictional surveillance interface

    A fictional surveillance interface to inform about mass surveillance.

    • Supervision by

      Prof. Boris Müller, Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk

    • Type

      Bachelor Thesis

  • Physical Dataviz
    SMS to Paper Airplanes - Personal data visualization

    SMS to Paper Airplanes

    Visualizing my long distance relationship through paper air planes

    • Supervision by

      Jens Wunderling

    • Type

      University project

Design meets Data


  • Interaction, Interface and Information Design

    With the human in mind, I ask for project goals, do research, ask people, do workshops, create concepts, visualize and test ideas, design wireframes and visuals, produce prototypes to get feedback and to iterate to come up with products, experience or systems for my clients.

    I'm interested in designing systems for real people rather than power points or shiny pitch decks for tomorrow.

  • Data visualization

    With data in hands, I ask for project goals, lead workshops, do research, explore data to find trends, patterns and relationships, design visual languages, develope information architectures, design wireframes, create prototypes, design layouts, tell stories and produce full working experience as well as products for my clients.

    I'm interested in exploring new ways to visualize data to empower people to make thoughtful actions rather than designing generic dashboards and decorating numbers.

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Portrait of Christian Laesser, Berlin

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